Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Soulja Boy in Filipino Prison System

It's now been about a year or so since Soulja Boy rose to popularity with his repetitive and trance-like kettle drum song "Crank Dat". The song and dance took off immediately. I'll admit it is a song that has a great rhythm and sound to it and I'm into a lot of rap so I liked it at first. The lyrics are really lame but that doesn't seem to matter because anyone can repeat the word "Youuuuuuuuu" and if you add some pretty simple dance steps that anyone can learn...you've got a hit...especially at the junior high level. For me...the song was played out by November...you can only hear it so many times....but it just won't go away.

We were at a set of exhibition basketball games in December in New Glasgow and they had the song playing in the gym during the warmups. It seems that as soon as the song comes on...junior high students seem to just start movin to the song...Soulja Boy had infiltrated rural Nova Scotia.

We went to a tournament in Yarmouth toward the end of January...and surprise..surprise.. the kids in Yarmouth are all about trying to crank it too. When will this become passe? I hope soon.

Hold Up! Wait...the prison system in the Philippines has something for us now. Apparently, to help inmates occupy their time during their stay in the Filipino prison system at Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, they spend a great deal of time rehearsing choreographed dance routines that are eventually perform for an audience. I suppose there are many worse ways they could spend their time. I've seen them do "Thriller" by Michael Jackson in the past and now apparently it's time for a cross Soulja Boy and Hammer Time medley! For more on this program and its purpose...click here for an article from the International Herald Tribune.


San Fran said...

"Pepe Diokno, 20, a film student at the University of the Philippines who has toured several prisons while making the documentary "Dancing for Discipline," said the Cebu facility "has the inmates with the biggest smiles."

I'll definitely keep this in mind to rent down the line once it comes out (if it's even available since it'll be a International documentary).

I love innovative ways to improve people's lives - especially those who are in need like the incarcerated...now...do I see this flying in prisons the US or Canada - hahaha - NOT A CHANCE - But I think it's a great way to give people confidence and restore the feeling of self worth in themselves.

San Fran said...

Also here is the link to all of the videos Garcia has posted: http://www.youtube.com/user/byronfgarcia